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Sledenje vehicle tracking with GPSWin

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Where is a vehicle,
has it not arrived
to the customer?

GPS vehicle tracking
in real time with the exact
location and speed of your
Wasting time with
manual book keeping
of travel forms,
and daily allowances?
Equipment for the driver’s
identification for the automatic
travel form: km, time, location,
Is your Fuel consumption

We offer more options for
recording fuel consumption,
refuelling, and theft alarms.
Can the
travelled distance
still be optimized?

  • Representation for the world's most well-known optimization tools.
  • Local professional help for setting and using the programs.
What do you gain by monitoring your vehicles?

Daily, weekly, and monthly reports on your journeys
Everything you want to know about the activities of your vehicles: quickly, simply, and in one place. Beginning of your journey, including stops, breaks, distances, time, and driving speed all priceless data in the management of the fleet of your vehicles.
Insight into the daily drive of your vehicle tells you more than a thousand words. If that is not enough, check the current location of the vehicle on the map. It is accessible 24 hour a day and you can also obtain a detailed report on all the locations of your vehicles for each individual travel day.
Experience show the use of the system is essential for good management and optimum use of the fleet of your vehicles. Our most popular report will certainly also be your favourite! Do not waste your time by preparing reports yourself because with us you can subscribe to automatically receive e-reports!

Live monitoring
Immediate information on the current location of your vehicle!

Additional protection for fuel and vehicle theft
Fuel represents a major cost for companies in the transport business. Our system of control over the fuel will warn you about the irregularities in the fuel consumption, it will help eliminate the causes of high consumption, and it will lead to savings in an efficient way with lower fuel consumptionat. You can be informed about fuel theft in the same moment as it occurrs, you can also monitor the exact amounts refuelled and compare them to invoices. Increased average fuel consumption will trigger an alarm which will inform you of the irregularities and the reasons for the increased fuel consumption. Monitor the real consumption in the system for monitoring fuel, and act immediately.

Driver’s ID
Identification of the driver will provide you live information about the driver operating the vehicle. Who committed a road traffic offence and is consequently responsible for the damage? There are no problems with the system enabling automatic travel form (location, time, kilometres, and driver). A report on drivers’ way of driving is an excellent starting point for comparison of economical and non-economical drivers.

Engine running
Time is money! This principle also applies to the engine working time. The system will record the working hours of machinery. The data can be used as your commercial advantage.

Control of the area
Be informed if your vehicle is leaving or entering a specified area.

Why should you choose
  1. We are the responsiveness; we listen and solve your problems and optimize use of your vehicles.
  2. We guarantee that you will know how to use the program, which has been developed and created together with our clients, and that it will give you full support.
  3. We know your needs well and we emphasize the practice.
  4. We are among the European top providers and we sell “off the shelf" services.
  5. We operate internationally.
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